3. Modifying text

How to modify the text

  • Once you click on the edit button, our Rich Text Editor (RTE) will load, with a top toolbar that allows you to modify the text.

Toolbar in edit mode

  • The first section of the toolbar allows you to make text bold, italic, underline, or with a strike through. Highlight the text you wish to modify, and click on:
    • Bold button to make the text bold.
    • Italic button to make the text italic.
    • Underline button to underline the text.
    • Strikethrough button to strike-through the text.

  • To return to normal text mode, simply re-highlight the text, and click on the button you selected to modify the text originally.

Find out more

Visit Halp:Formatting for a more in-depth guide.

To learn how to make lists and indents go to page 4 of this tutorial.

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