How to get started

  • To edit, simply click the edit button which is located on the toolbar at the top left of every page.

Edit button on tool bar

  • When you click the Edit button, our Rich Text Editor (RTE) will load allowing you to add text, images, video and much more.
  • The toolbar at the top of the page allows you to format your text. The large white section is the editing box, where you can add, change, or remove content. The bottom toolbar lets you preview and save your changes.

Editing screen

  • Once the edit box opens, you can start typing. Remember that anything you save will appear immediately on the wiki, and don't forget to click "save page" before leaving the page!
  • If you would like to view your changes before saving, simply click on the preview button, which will load a preview screen above the editing space. It is still very important that you remember to click save!
  • The save toolbar also contains a summary box, which allows you to leave a note summarizing the edits you have made.

It's easy, so have a go! You can't break Wikia, so if you find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, go ahead and fix it!


  • Pages that start with 'User:' are personal pages. It's considered polite to ask before doing major edits to these pages.
  • Talk (sometimes called discussion) pages are where discussions about the content takes place. If you have a question/comment about the content on the page, edit the talk page.

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