This picture shows where the logo is.

Interested in making your wiki more distinct? A great place to start is by creating a custom logo to replace the default "Wikia" logo. The logo appears near the top-left corner of every page, and is linked back to the main page. Please note, only an admin can upload a logo to a wiki.

If you are looking for help on changing the wiki icon, see Help:Favicon.

Sample Monaco wiki logo

Monaco logos can be up to 216 pixels wide and 155 pixels high, but only the lighter shaded area in the center will be visible to those using the Monobook skin.

Monaco logo under monobook

The pink section is what part of the Wikia Help logo is visible under Monobook


Examples of Wikia logos

How do I create a logo?Edit

You can create a logo using any image editing software that allows you to save files in .png format.[1][2]

Image sizeEdit

  • Logos can have a maximum height of 155 pixels and width of 216 pixels - anything more than this will get cut off.
  • All logos are centered vertically and horizontally in the display area.

File formatEdit

  • Save the image to your hard drive in .png format. (Note that the ".png" file extension must be in lower case. If it is saved as .PNG you should rename it before uploading it.)

Help making logosEdit

If you would like assistance with a logo design, add some suggestions about what you'd like to the forums of Logo Creation Wiki, and the Wikia community can help.

How do I replace the default logo with my own?Edit

Once you have created your logo, all you need to do is upload the image to your wiki with the filename Wiki.png (be sure to use the correct, exact spelling of the file name. Wiki.PNG will not work.)

How do I protect the logo?Edit

While only an admin can upload a logo on a new wiki, once uploaded, logos are NOT automatically protected. To prevent vandalism, it is recommended that an admin protect the logo and favicon, using the "protect" tab at the top of the image description page. Once this is done, only admins will be able to upload a new version.


  1. You can use programs such as Photoshop, Fireworks, Photo-Paint, PaintShop Pro, Inkscape, and similar applications to create .png files. If you don't have an image editing program already, PhotoFiltre, The GIMP and Paint.NET are free open-source tools.
  2. is an web-based image editing site that requires no software install

Next stepsEdit

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