Wikia supports wikis in many language. More than 100 languages have an internationalized interface. Any wiki admin can complete the translations on their wiki.

When you create a wiki or create an account, you can specify the language of your choice using the drop down menu. You can change your language choice using your preferences.

Wiki creationEdit

If you create a wiki in a new language, it will be at a subdomain that matches other wikis on the same topic. For example, the Lostpedia wiki has an English version at, a Portuguese version at, a German version at, and so on.

Alternatively, a French cycling wiki could choose to be at instead of

To change a wiki's language after you have created it, or to change it's assigned URL, please contact Wikia.

Central WikiaEdit

The Central Wikia exists in a few different languages. If there is no central Wikia in your language, you can start a new one or add pages to the English Central Wikia. This Central Wikia aims to bring together all of the Wikia communities, so is used as a meeting point for all wikis in all languages.

Interlanguage linksEdit

You can use interlanguage links to link between pages of different language editions of a wiki. These appear in an "other languages" section in the sidebar. Interlanguage links need to be set up by staff before they can be used, so please contact Wikia if you want to be able to link between two or more language versions of a wiki.

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