An inputbox allows you to put a box on any page, which has a text field for users to fill and a customizable button for launching the action. This page covers some extra functions for inputbox.

Random search tagEdit

A search box provides an extra box for users to search Wikia, in addition to the one in the sidebar. This search box shows tags provided by you who is popular on your wiki and is worth checking out.

Type this: To make this:
<option>Pixar Movies</option>
<option>Super Smash Bros</option>
<option>Star Trek</option>
<option>Jack Bauer</option>
<option>Harry Potter</option>
<option>World of Warcraft</option>

You can write your own tags.

Wanted pages random tagEdit

An article creation inputbox places a box on the page that lets the user create a new page by entering the page title. A new page will be opened at the title the user types in. The inputbox will check whether a page already exists and displays an error message if it does. Some pages missing on your wiki? Add this widget to let people know some pages who is wanted!

Type this: To make this:
<option>Page 1</option>
<option>Page 2</option>
<option>Page 3</option>

How can I customize the inputboxes?Edit

There are several parameters you can use to customize the display of the inputboxes.

Background color:

Sets the background color using HTML color values. Do not use quotes. Make this the same as the page color (as specified in the skin) to make the background disappear.


Sets width of input field, where ## is a number of characters. (The default is 50.)

Default text:

default=<code><choose> <option>Tag 1</option> <option>Tag 2</option> <option>Tag 3</option></code>


Here can you customize your tags enter "<option>Tag 3</option>" or "<option>Tag 2</option>"

Button label:

buttonlabel=any text
This label will be used for the main button of the form.

Search button label:

searchbuttonlabel=any text
This label will be used for the "Search full text" button of the search form.

Line break:

Removes the default line break between the input box and the button(s), displaying them side by side.
Type this: To make this:
default=Type here!
buttonlabel=Click here!

See alsoEdit

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